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ILM Level-3 Certificate in Leadership and Management

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Who is this course for?

Level 3: New Managers (First-Line Manager or Supervisor)

If you find yourself having management responsibilities but everyone is showering, you with managerial terms that you are not familiar with then you
are perfect for ILM 3.

If you worked hard and spent long hours trying to advance your career and finally found yourself in a managerial position, and you have a team now, but you were thinking how should I lead this team to achieve the company goals, then ILM Level 3 Certificate is what you need.

If you think that getting a management job is great! But how do I acquire the necessary skills, then ILM 3 is a must for you.

If you gained enough experience to take your first steps into the management world, and you want to get deep into the management field and not just scratch the surface of this vast science, then you are in for a treat, ILM 3 is what you need.

Am I Eligible to Take ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management?

ILM 3 is for anyone with enough managerial experience or responsibilities but have not undergone any training, and aspiring to improve and boost their management capabilities, and to narrow it down even more it is perfectly suited to team leaders who look forward to advancing their careers and become junior mangers, middle management…etc, and also it helps you immensely if you are already a junior manager and responsible for a team and you want to learn how to better lead, motivate and organize your team.

What Do I Get After Being ILM 3 Certified?

Acquire and Improve your essential managerial skills
Use skills acquired to improve your performance and your career.
Find your own management style through putting your own guidelines, aspirations, ideas into action.
Become a better leader.
Learn the difference between managing and leadership of your team

Impact for Your Employer

Better performing front-line managers
Effective and smooth team communications.
Study proven impact of ILM 3 certified employees on their respective role in their own companies
Widerange of optional units: your training can be exactly what you need to improve your organization.

Narrow it Down to What Really Matters

ILM 3 units talk about these topics, which does an overview of the whole management world:

  • Core management skills – like having a complete comprehension of how to manage and delegate
  • Capability of executing management tasks - managing projects, and meetings
  • Team leadership - motivating people and inspiring them to improve their performance.
  • Change and innovation - managing the and planning the changes, cultivating the culture of innovation
  • Becoming better at communicating with team, management, and other stakeholders.
  • People management - learning the art of negotiation and building fruitful relationships.
  • Leadership - become more knowledgeable about what it means to be a leader, a more hands-on approach to develop your leadership skills. Work with your employer or training provider to map units to your needs and skills gaps. the value of your time and the importance of you passing the ILM assignments on your first attempt.

To ensure your success, our #ILM training is designed and delivered with the following:

  • Highly interactive Live online instructor led training using Zoom (Classroom style training will resume after life returns to normal)
  • 7 Month training designed and delivered by a Watershed an ILM approved Center (821999) and conducted by experienced Trainers primarily in English.
  • We have invested hours of strategizing and preparing the best method to deliver the leadership training content to maximize the benefit you are getting from following the course plan.
  • We have carefully crafted our content with all key topics to focus on, and we keep refining our leadership training methodology to continuously enhance your learning experience and provide value for the time you spend in the class
  • Online Follow up session every Saturday evening. To keep you in the loop and egg you on to realize your ambition and help you get certified as soon as possible.
  • ILM training courses are delivered by our on-board full-time experienced and expert trainers, with practical examples blended in to make the concepts clearer.
  • 100%Money Bank Guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.
  • The first day of Any class is always free for you to attend and decide.

ILM 3 Certificate Qualification:

Credit Value 13 – 36

In summary you need 13 Minimum credits to get your ILM 3 certificate, and we have chosen the most time efficient and important units in the same time, in order to achieve the necessary threshold, and to make sure you have all the essential management skills to take your next step in your career confidently.

And to get into more detailed description into Watershed’s ILM 3 Certificate program these are the units that we are going to go through across the span of 7 months:

Unit Code

Unit name

Credit Value
341Leading and Motivating a Team Effectively 1
323Understanding Performance Management (€)2
319Understanding Organizing and Delegating in the Workplace1
314Understanding Discipline in the Workplace1
310Understanding how to motivate to Improve Performance2
309Understand How to Establish an Effective Team1
305Contributing to innovation and creativity in the workplace2
303Planning and Allocating Work2
300Solving problems and making decisions2
400Understanding the Management Role to Improve Management


We have ten units in a program, you need to finish all assignments at the end of each unit in order to get the ILM 3 certificate,

Now we’ll explain the detailed plan in one of our ILM introduction session so keep checking when is the next introduction session and make sure to register to attend it and ask all the questions about the things you’re unclear about.

But in more general manner, what we aim to do is to finish 1 unit every month we’ll begin each unit with a theory lesson, we’ll hold 1 weekly session, and so the first one will be theory where will get more familiar with the topic of the unit and we may go into some details, and give a period of two weeks in order for your you to do the assignment the second week at the same time we’ll do a follow up session just to make sure everyone is not having any problems with the assignment and that everything is going well, now we’ll move on to the third week we’ll all meet and discuss the assignments which will be submitted in that very session, you’ll give us a week to do the internal assessments and will give you the results on the forth week, if your work is adequate and we believe that it will pass the external verification process of ILM you’ll move on to the next unit, but if for some reason you haven’t submitted the assignment, or it needed more work will give you until the forth week session to submit it and keep in track with your classmates, and in the case of you not passing this unit you’ll still move on with your colleagues but you’ll have to redo this unit in the next program, and so on the cycle goes forward until we finish 10 units over the 10 months period and by the end you’ll get ILM 3 certified.

Week 1
» Theory lesson of the unit
» Confirming first installment
» Registering with ILM
Week 2
» Theory lesson of the unit
» Follow up
» Preparing the assignments
Week 3
» Follow ups on the assignments
» Submitting the assignments
» Second Installment
Week 4
» Closing the first unit
» Theory lession 2

Now I know this is a lengthy detailed, but we are trying to make the ILM 3 plan as clear as possible for you.

Moving on to our payment scheme we have two payment plans that you can choose between:

One Time Payment Plan

  • the full ammont for the program is 1280$
  • choosing this option will earn you a 100$ discount so you'll only pay 1180$.

Installments Payment Plan

  • The plan consists of 4 intsallments to pay the full amount of 1280$
  • The payment of 320$ will be fulfilled before starting each of the first 4 units

Now I know this is a lengthy detail, but we are trying to make the ILM 3 plan as clear as possible for you.
Moving on to our payment scheme we have two payment plans that you can choose between

One Time
Payment Plan
$1185One Time
  • The full amount for the program is 1280$
  • choosing this option will earn you a 100$ discount so you'll only pay 1180$.
Payment Plan
$3204 Installments
  • The plan consists of 4 installments to pay the full amount of 1280$
  • The payment of 320$ will be fulfilled before starting each of the first 4 units

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