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We at watershed take pride to belong to an organization where work meets play!

Watershed prides its working family. We work efficiently to achieve the company’s goals, vision and mission.

With 100+ years of cumulative multi-disciplinary work experience amongst us, we bring Skills, Experience, Expertise and Knowledge (SEEK) with uncompromising integrity and commitment to sustainable value generation to our clients.

The spectrum of industries from where we come from is Engineering, IT & Telecom, Retail, Customer Service, Project Management, Brand Development, Internet Business, Training and Strategy Consulting.

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“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

–Andrew Carnegie

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I’m Salahuddin Kazi
Constant innovation and drive to excel, has propelled the need for a systemic change in the way we do business. At Watershed, we reimagine organizational systems & processes so they are in tandem with strategic vision of the company. As Founder-CEO & Chief Vision Officer, my ambition is to make sure that every interaction with our clients brings high value to them and positively influences the way they do their business.
I’m Mohamed Naser
Executive Trainer
Language should not be a barrier to Learning. Which is why, at Watershed we offer Bi-Lingual Trainings for Certifications. As Executive Trainer I have the unique opportunity of preparing my students for certification exams like PMP/RMP and mentor them to successfully pass the exam in the first attempt.
I’m Nalini GP Mathur
The need of the hour is competent, loyal employees who evolve into home brand promoters and sustainable business strategies. To get there, we at Watershed, co-create learning conversations & business solutions with our clients that are unique to their industry and organizational fabric. As Head of Portfolio Design and Client Partner engagement, with the help of our team, I enable this transformative exercise.
I’m Ekta Pannalal
Digital Media & BD
Brick and Mortar interactions are increasingly being replaced by Click and Load engagements. At Watershed, we facilitate ideation and execution strategies for a future-proof business. As head of Digital Media & BD I ensure online conversations with Watershed are a part of our client’s growth repertoire.
I’m Deepti Potnis
Individual Delegates Division
Learning never stops, continuous professional development education has become the part & parcel of our career graph. Organizations have begun to recognize the value trained & certified employees bring to the team. As head of the Individual Delegates Division, I am constantly impressed by the amount of effort and time investment delegates make to further their work-life goals. Our team ensures this energy is drafted efficiently to our trainings.